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Stretched Blank Canvas with Floating Frame 100% Cotton for Acrylic

Stretched Blank Canvas with Floating Frame 100% Cotton for Acrylic

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Floating Frame Colour
100% made canvas that is handmade in Australia

Stretched white blank canvas with floating frame for artists.

Canvas Type: 400gsm

Blank Canvas is made entirely of cotton and has a smooth textured surface that allows brushes and painting knives to glide smoothly across. Our Canvases are triple primed with Acid free.

The frames are solid and sturdy, and the canvases are properly stretched and stapled on the stretcher bars, ensuring the painting surfaces tight and flat.

The frame is attached to the art board with 4 detachable screws (more on larger boards), allowing you to finish your artwork before reattaching the frame to avoid contaminating the frame surface. 

All of our art boards are produced from FSC certified sustainable wood.

Ready to hang in 3 simple steps:

  • Remove canvas from frame
  • Paint your art
  • Put back canvas into frame

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Material 400gsm


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